How To Fix iMessage Bug

How TO fix iMessage Bug: fix iMessage-

here we are telling about the procedure for “how to fix iMessage bug”. This is an awesome way to fixing this bug. Hope you will find it useful.

iMessage, an iOS 5 application, which allows  users  to send  unlimited text and media over WiFi and 3G, is an awesome application .

But it has a bug. If you are switching to android from an iPhone with iMessage activated. The person who was sending you messages on your iPhone will not be able to send you messages anymore, this is because the iMessage system doesn’t deactivate the iMessage, if you switched your phone number to another device.

If you are facing the same problem then you can proceed through the following procedure-


And now you are done. According to the users this is the best solution for this problem till now. Now you can send unlimited text without having any problem.

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