Agneepath Movie Review

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka chopra, Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor, Om Puri, Zarina Wahab
Release: January 2012
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Karan Malhotra
Producer: Karan Johar
Language: Hindi

Agneepath was amitabh bacchan’s blockbuster. When comparing this with the new one the thing that crosses your mind is how it would be ? Will it be same as the original.
Well, this is a perfact remake retaining the magic of original Agneepath.
Basic characters and story is almost same. ”kancha cheena”(Sanjay dutt) is the king or Mandwa. He kills a rebellious village schoolmaster. Later, the son of that school
master swears revenge and grows up as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan. He is fully supported by rauf lala (rishi kapoor). Vijay uses lala to reach kancha and takes his revenge
the primary plotline is same as the original one. The director Karan Malhotra gave it a fully new structure and approach. His work is fabulous.

techblowup The screenplay of movie
is great as the film retains the original era. Both villain and hero are looking great doing fully justice to their charaters. Specailly Sanjay Dutt in his bald-look
has a solid screen presence. The film has some extreme and raw actions.but the public will be emotionally attached to movie.
Dialogues are impressive, cinematography is remarkable. Editing is good albeit the film is three hours long. The thing which doesn’t make sense is the romance between
Priyanka and Hrithik but that is kept short. The music by Ajay-Atul is effective. Actions by abbas ali moghul are raw and unrestrained.
So we can say that Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar succeeds in extracting impressive performances from the characters. The acting of Hrithik redefines Vijay Deenanath
Chauhan. Priyanka, Zarina and Om Puri are ok. Arish Bhiwandiwala looks confident as young Vijay.
So overall the movie is great for its action, dialogues cinematography and direction. The public should go for it. Agneepath shows how to make a good remake.
Ultimately Agneepath is victorious.

I will give it 4 stars.

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Author: techfreak

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